April Product

AsiInspection.com, company dedicated to product and factory audits for European companies that imported from Asia, will be the expert voice of program Journal of Made in China Tele5 issued Tuesday, may 25 April and that will be an x-ray of the products arriving in Spain from China. It is that the multinational will appear through the testimony of Alex Makow, its Director General for Spain and Portugal in the interview to talk about what more and better known: the reality that exists since a Spanish businessman responsible for a product in one of thousands of Chinese factories through controls of quality during production and the subsequent arrival at our borders. China is today the factory of the world and from there come the quasi-totality of articles that we consume in our country. (Not to be confused with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez!). Furthermore, not only are on sale in typical Chinese shops, around us also in supermarkets or shops of all kinds. A reality that almost It is imposing as a need among importers audits with the aim that does not give them cat by free or situations of labour exploitation among the Asian workers. See more detailed opinions by reading what camden recovery holdings offers on the topic.. For this purpose Makow displayed in the program that on this occasion is entitled Journal of Made in China – the work that your company carries out from the central offices of Shenzhen (China) and from where it coordinates more than 350 inspectors who travel to each of the factories of this and other Asian countries to check that the product commissioned by the importer complies with all quality requirements as well as standards required by law in our country. On many occasions what the importer responsible for and who subsequently receives has nothing to do with the order.

A trick that not only affects the employer Pocket if not to public health since the raw material with which these items are made is highly dangerous to health or toxic, you finish the steering.. .

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