Abel Konig

In the heart of the German city of Koln, we find the cosmetic surgery clinic Abel Konig, one of the main hospitals of medical tourism in this populous European town. One of the many things that we are trying to coerce to not make us any cosmetic surgery operation to be able to like us better, reaching a share of Nice beauty for us, is the social pressure. Therefore in this clinic before you start talking about treatments would you make yourself, doctors discuss Contigo real motivation that leads to this clinic aesthetic treatments, to know whether your aspirations will be fulfilled with health tourism operations or on the contrary recommended you treatments that do not involve surgery, but with that you will get similar results. Apart from the enormous and experience that this clinic doctors harvested, there is also a great relationship with local universities to its most distinguished students, endowed with greater capacity for the cosmetic surgery, collaborate in its hospitals, providing us with a better service and a cosmetic tourism of higher quality, always at the forefront of the sector, with recent scientific advances. Its operations include virtually all demand of plastic surgery seeking in today patients, like a rhinoplasty, liposuction to let a sculpted body or a few breast implants to enhance our figure. In November comes one of the most fun times to this locality, with the arrival of the Carnival. Parties in the streets, squares, and all the pubs and restaurants in the area, make this Carnival have nothing to envy to the Brazilians. Aesthetic treatments that we were looking for with the best party to entertain us during our stay in Koln. Original author and source of the article

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