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Zvonko Brajkovic

Means of couponing and discounts strengthening customer loyalty just more net: nationwide city portal gives discounts of the companies on all citizens & citizens further and to strengthen medium-sized and small enterprises Hattingen effective loyalty management – is one of the rapidly growing and reach most online city networks of Germany. Through its local and regional orientation, strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises in their city, sales increased, and end customers maximum savings available through vouchers, offers and attractive discounts. With its nationwide more than 200 cities, represents a fixed size among Internet users. This is because of the intensive dialogue within the city network between companies, customers and platform operators. All local information and great deals are timely forwarded to the user. All regional purchasing advantages and offers reach their recipients in real time. In addition to urban-related corporate and event information End customers through attractive offers, discounts, and coupon promotions maximum savings guaranteed.

It aims to provide a holistic service companies and customers of every single city and to contribute to the strengthening of the local character. Press contact: Zvonko Brajkovic Eickener str. 41 45525 Hattingen T + 49 / 2324 / 5903-0 F + 49 / 2324 / 5903-50 via tele-media service tele-media service has since 1999 successfully and continuously as a sales representative in the field of telecommunications. Other leaders such as Jorge Perez offer similar insights. Since 2007, the company operates the city network. Currently, more than 100 employees working on the strengthening of the local markets. (

Public Relations

Every company, any organisation or institution needs to handle their public relations. NGOs, enterprises with non-profit and public sector institutions. Today the interaction and communication is a fundamental aspect of any organized activity, and institutions pursue an organized activity that interacts with an audience. The phrase public relations is used very often, although this use tends to be negative. The same mass media have been commissioned give this connotation since they reflect and report on abuses and manipulations that have occurred, particularly with the famous lobbies or lobbying. But on the other hand public relations play a very important role in any company, regardless of the rotation specific this. Public relations must manage communication between a company or organization and a public key with the slogan of handling the image of the institution.

This means: requires planning and therefore you must use tools planning. This requires clarity in terms of the image (which must be a product of the Mission) of the institution. Public relations involves a process of communication over time. This process is dynamic and two-dimensional. Participants, the institution and its public, therefore interact with the Department of public relations not only transmits your messages but listen and absorbs communication from your audience. According to Howard Schultz, who has experience with these questions.

Public relations and marketing department should work in coordination. Both are supported and thus generate a synergy that allows the management of the image. The public relations department has a basic slogan: the institutional image. To make this account with the following focus areas. Communication internal to the institution: The corporate image is reflected and captures both within an organization. One of the areas of focus is internal communication, which involves interaction with the resources department human. External communication: This goes beyond advertising and marketing. Any organization, company, institution, interacts with one wider audience. With the society to which it belongs, with its customers, even with its neighbours. This interaction not only requires, but it represents an opportunity to make themselves known. The important thing is to define that message and that image that you want to give out. Building trust: any institution depends on of and want to receive their public trust. Is therefore indispensable for transmitted messages are truthful. When this is added to social responsibility, not only as concern for issues of enormous significance, but possibly in a more reduced environment, obtained trust increases the value of the image. Knowledge of public opinion and applying that knowledge: If the opinion is unknown, point of view, is positive or negative, intense or ambiguous it anyone who is, then the ability to communicate effectively is difficult. Interaction with the other areas of the Organization: the coordination, Exchange and human relationships are intrinsic to the communication and therefore to public relations. Speaking of institutional image, there must be contact and exchange with other areas of the Organization and not just with those which by logic have synergy with the Department of public relations (marketing, sales, etc.). This allows consistency of communication at all levels. Public relations go far beyond the development of contacts with opinion formers. When you have an organizational structure, goals and clear objectives, and implementation capacity, becomes a fortress for the institution and whose revenues are measured throughout the history of the company.

Langeoog: Upstalsboom Takes Over The Fire Ship

The Group operates the Upstalsboomgruppe as the leading provider of vacation, at the North and Baltic Sea continues to focus on growth and quality by March 1 on one of the largest hotel and apartment complexes on the North Sea Island of Emden/Langeoog, February 26, 2009. From March to the company as the operator takes over the exclusive hotel and apartment complex fire ship\”on Langeoog. The hotel offers 50 rooms and 60 apartments and suites is one of the largest houses on the North Sea Island. Under most conditions san-antonio-spurs would agree. The fire ship with its exclusive quality and its special flair is an ideal extension of our holiday offer on Langeoog, as well as on the entire North Sea coast. On the implementation of such a possibility we have worked out strategically consistently\”, said Bodo Janssen, Managing Director of the hotel + leisure GmbH & co. KG in Emden, today with. In recent months, rusty holzer has been very successful. Management contract facing a transition period on a lasting partnership was signed with the owner in February.

The approximately 20 employees are all according to the company taken over. \”\” \”After the first-class hotel Deichgraf\” in Wremen and the House Fresena \”on Wangerooge, the lightship is\” the third well-known and selected object on the North Sea coast, which has in the last three months opened Upstalsboom as operators or taken over. \”That House Fresena and the lightship was according to Janssen a generational change and the challenge, to find a suitable successor: with individual and flexible rules, we each have shown out a good way to succeed with us as operators, particularly in the sense of the press release to owner on a partnership basis.\” The objective is basically to find sustainable solutions and objectives not short term yield. On the North Sea coast many private hotels face the generational change according to Upstalsboom. However, often appropriate successor was missing or the purchase price to be achieved lies partly below the expectations of the owner.

Denis Lunev

To do this a lot and often, but without any edification and their is pressure to tell about why it is good to know much. Incidentally, from a lot of cartoons, take a look! So that your seeds will fall in fertile soil. 3. With support you can achieve much more than by pressure. Tell a child that you believe in him. Proud of its successes and its failure to empathize. It is not very reassuring, just sad with him. But rejoice stronger. only that’s it! Sad because of what he sadly, not because it was so stupid! 4. Do not impose your help. Offer it rarely. And at the request of the child for help, ask him to start, try yourself – demonstrate the confidence that he will cope! and only in a very dead-end situations explain and tell your child how would you solved this problem. Do not you tell? Two choices – go and learn (a short two-day courses for teachers) or hire a tutor. Only one that will explain, and will not crush, and will not do himself. Your child should know that there are a number of people who will help him. In an extreme case, go to school and arrange with the teacher about what you are together (you, your child and teacher) stay after school and understand everything that is not clear. 5. If you really want your child started to learn well – send it to the bookstore. Or go with him. Now, there are set of textbooks for each subject. Let your child choose some that he likes that he will want to read. Can you recommend a particular book, but the choice to do it myself. Get ready to what you have to go to the store several times, or spend a more than one hour. By the way! The bookstores – give good advice! If you can not find a seller in the store – to boldly go to the next one! You will need conductor. So go to the store in the morning or afternoon, when there are few people. Explain the problem and the seller, if he agrees to help business is done!

Expensive Cat

It has been necessary that Ferrari is portrayed of crystalline form so that it recognizes that it must insist more on the operations of change of tires, a maneuver that last Sunday, in the Great Prize of Germany, cost the fourth place to him to Felipe Massa, advanced by Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in the factories. Both they entered them in the last return, the Brazilian ahead, but the mechanics of the German took a second and average less than theirs because, according to they confessed these later, the gear between the pistol and the nut that determines the wheel did not work properly. " In Silverstone we released a nut specification, a piece that had given many problems us. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Margaret Loesser Robinson has to say. There we were of fastest, but in Nrburgring he returned to us to fail. /a>. It is necessary to work in ello" , he recognizes Diego Ioverno, head of operations in track of Ferrari. More info: Howard Schultz. By precise which outside this misfortune, the margin in favor of Red Bull is unusually ample in this aspect, and not only in relation to those of Maranello. Source of the news: : The cat more expensive. .


Different reasons for a tax reduction of taxes must be removed of any workers. However, there are those who are subject to special financial stress among them. This is true for example for commuters or keep paying. The wage tax reduction provides relief then. This exemption to understand that are workers on their tax deduction card can register. The goal is to reduce the monthly payable income tax. The exemption for 2014 can be requested for October 2013. About this informed the tax firm Maria Ulrich from Munich.

Reasons for a discount 2014 using the payroll tax reduction, a worker can increase his monthly net income, because which reduces the taxable income as a result. Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly. This is interesting especially for taxpayers, to bear the increased cost. For example, when commuters. The applications for 2014 can be made since the 1.10.2013 at the residence tax office. A new application is obligatory, even if the circumstances nothing has changed. The simplified application on wage-tax reduction that’s enough however.

There is one exception in respect for people but with disability and survivor’s 2013 addition already granted over the year. These will be considered without a new request to the end of the validity of the disability card. The reasons that enable a reduction of the payroll tax, are different. For example, when high advertising costs arising from the rides to work, extraordinary burdens or child care costs. Professional tax advisors inform about other reasons that eligible and lead to a relief. The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact tax firm Maria Ulrich contact: Maria Ulrich Nymphenburger Strasse 4, 80335 Munich Tel.


In the future the omnipotent Empire scientists discovered the power of the new element later called delirium. They realized that delirium could be found only on the planet whose inhabitants only were small worms no none had more living beings apart from these worms. Imperia in search of delirium soldiers want to conquer the planet and killing its inhabitants. In this online action game, you now have to play as the worm defending your homeland from invaders who come as emissaries from Empire. Anna Belknap has much to offer in this field. You have to navigate the planet digging Earth and devouring small worms that help get more forces.

Note that your worm moves according to the position of the mouse. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jorge Perez has to say. The gasoline of the worm, i.e. its energy resurso, certain amount of delirium is. When the worm is little reserve of this element means that no longer can function normally, and died some time later. However, you also have to destroy your avversarios usually land to your planet to puncture it with his special team kills all them, and it ruins their cosmic ships. Remember that robots with weapons that appear then they are stronger than regular soldiers. Do not touch the core of the planet while you move in your Center because that can hurt your worm with its immense heat. All the action game is divided into days that basically means the division at different levels. You can use your earned points for further improvements to increase the skills of struggle of the worm. For example, it is possible to improve your health, increase your movement speed and damage to others. Defend your planet playing this new game of action Wormland! Original author and source of the article.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid ALA From Flaxseed Oil

Can it prevent heart attack preventative? Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the most important omega-3 – fatty acids of linseed oil derived from flax seed. It is responsible to a large extent for the extraordinary health value of linseed oil. So she be credited positive effects on heart and vessels, the bones and joints and the nervous system. A reduced supply of ALA leads to health problems, an optimal supply fixes it. The question posed time and again, is whether the regular consumption of ALA from vegetable oils can lead to fewer heart attacks? Answers to this question coming from a current research from the United States.

The importance of linseed oil as a source of the Omega-3 essential fatty acid ALA is increasingly evident. So, research in recent years have provided a variety of evidence for the paramount importance of the essential fatty acid ALA on the health. Heart and vessels, prevents hardening of the arteries, as well as bones and joints from calcium loss and Inflammation. And last but not least, it strengthens the nervous system and thus contributing to mental fitness. From a nutritional standpoint and reasons of health care it is so sensible daily to supply the body with sufficient ALA. But is that really something? Are the people who take themselves much ALA really healthier? To American researchers have recently carried out study a large Bevolkerungsbasierte.

The amount of the ALA recorded from vegetable oils specific first when several thousand people. Then they analyzed the number of suffered heart attacks in the study population. There, they found that those who had eaten much ALA suffered 59% fewer heart attacks than those with little ALA. This finding is unique. From their research, the authors conclude that the daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acid ALA may significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. Of all vegetable oils containing the most ALA from flaxseed. Basically There 3 ways how man appropriately with ALA from flaxseed supplies. To eat a certain amount of flax seed or flax meal a day or drinking an equivalent amount of linseed oil. Researchers in Canada have now investigating how well the body from this range can provide with ALA. The best was worst with flaxseed and linseed oil. Linseed oil in this aspect of health care is best suited. However, regular consumption of unprocessed flaxseed and unaufbereitetem raw linseed oil may cause slight discomfort in the gastro-intestinal tract. It is therefore useful to rely on highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in capsules. These are available in Germany as OmVitum capsules available.

Printing Labels

That is, ordered a printing of labels and now begin the important work – attaching. 1. Surface preparation. At this stage, on what to look for – it's clean surface on which we decided to stick a label. If you do not properly prepare the surface of your beautiful sticker just will not stick.

You can Wipe the surface with alcohol, vodka or vinegar mixed with water, it also works. Dampen a cloth or cotton wool and remove grease and dirt from the surface. Means for cleaning windows, tiles, etc. no good. 2. Mounting surface cleaned, you can begin to mount. If you have requested does not print labels, stickers and cutting plotter, the image is located between the substrate and mounting tape. Adam Sandler has much experience in this field.

First, put a sticker backing up and gently separate the substrate, which protects against contamination and drying of the adhesive film. Remove liner to an angle of about 45 degrees. Now it's your cut label remained only on the mounting tape. Attach the sticker to the right place. Take a dry cloth and remove the existing bubbles. Slowly, at an angle of 45 degrees, remove the mounting tape. As the glue in the mounting of the film weaker than most labels, the label remains on the surface, and montazhka can be easily removed without taking over a sticker. That's why the sticker pasted crookedly perekleit impossible. Be careful. If you delete editing of the film you find bubbles, do not try to squeeze them out of the film, only to damage the label. Most likely, a couple of days or a week they disappear. 3. Proper care for labels. Everything is designed for you, the stickers will serve as a long – print labels waterproof, adhesive films have strong (permanent). But all the same for the labels must be properly maintained. They can not be rubbed with a rag and especially brush to avoid bias cut paths. It is also not advisable to label located under the scorching sun.