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Introduction. Several years ago, few of the users who have graced the desktop LCD-monitor, and today it is no surprise. And even on the contrary, many people today get it lcd, not CRT-monitor. So what LCD-monitor is better than the usual CRT-monitor? The purpose of the article and the answer to this question. Slightly deviate from the practice and explain the theory, namely the principles of operation and CRT-LCD-monitors. Principle of CRT-monitor. To create an image in the crt (Cathode Ray Tube) or crt monitor using cathode-ray tube.

In the cathode-ray tube used three guns for each primary color. The flow of electrons is formed gun modulated and accelerated, and then electrons gain energy, which then illuminates a certain point the phosphor, which covered the inner surface of the tube. These phosphor dot of light forms an image that we see on the screen. To control the beams used deflection system, which directs the electron beams across the screen, drawing one line after another. After drawing the screen, he goes out on time, at which point the beam returns back, then the beam again begins to run through the entire screen.

The interval between screens is called a refresh rate or frame rate. The principle of LCD-monitor. Screen LCD-monitor is a set of pixels that can change their properties. LCD-matrix consists of several layers, between which contained a thin layer of liquid crystals. When an electric field liquid crystal molecules are partially aligned along the field, and the angle plane of polarization of light changes.