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Colorful Festival

Each year in February approached, comes an enthusiasm to all who look forward to the majestic Carnival Vegan. The city of La Vega, my people, located in the central valley of the northern region in the Dominican Republic, has almost 500 years of celebration (like I have heard of it?) With imprecise data when it started, but according to research data between the years 1508-1520 when this culture began in the ruins called the Vega Real, the city was founded by settlers in America. Starting activities since the last week of January, prior to the holidays of each fundraising group, the carnival offers vegan without doubt one of the tourist curfew most striking throughout the year in the Caribbean region, mainly because it carries a large audience estimated at millions of people every weekend of the four outlets that provide each of the groupings and all these totally different but not all can provide the spectacle of the famous caves. Each group is different, variety is unbelievable, the pain of so much joy Vejigazo before you forget (that part of Vejigazo, I have to explain it better, because if it hurts) the time, and without doubt, among friends, color, joy, music and much more to offer , you can not spend every Sunday best carnival in February. I invite you to be encouraged to note that on your next vacation or visits to the Dominican Republic during the month of February are open the doors of my people waiting with all the desire of benefiting from this Vegan its Carnival. ..