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Plant Temperatures

Second it is the stage of formation of the pimpollos, that begins towards summer ends. It is a long process during the autumn and winter which the plant enters rest where it needs temperatures low inferiors to 15C to develop his flowers. In this stage it is very good for the subscriber of the ground with organic installments (dung, humus, compost, etc.) The third stage is the one of flowering. It is important to water here well. Experts confirm that the majority blooms when the environmental temperatures oscillate around 12C.

over these temperatures the pimpollos can fall without abrir. The last stage is the formation of fruits and seeds. That it is not common that happens but we see that they are being developed the advice is to eliminate them to favor to happen quickly to the first stage of the new vegetative development with the aim of obtaining good flowering the next year. Suggestion: the camellia is a plant of slow growth, but you can stimulate it if you trim the central stem, in case it is a too spiky unit. To always cut after the flowering and on a strong yolk. It does not need pruning, but we will eliminate its withered flowers.

Reproduction by esquejes in the month of January and February. The camellia well also occurs in interior but it is necessary to have well-taken care of with the rooms closed with heating. After the primaveral flowering a period of rest of 4 to 6 weeks begins, during which a little is due to water less, but taking care of than the ground he remains humid. In the summer, the plant will be accumulating reserves for the next flowering. The floral yolks begin to form at the end of the summer, moment during which their pimpollos are very sensible to the high temperatures and the strong sun.

Kreditmart Presented

Today, the company Kreditmart, the first professional financial supermarket, is the analytical index of the state of the Russian mortgage market of new buildings – Kreditmart Index. New development "for December 2010 "Kreditmart Index. New development "shall be calculated by analysts the company Kreditmart based on an analysis of proposals of 14 banks that are major players in the mortgage market of primary housing market and included in the Top-25 largest mortgage banks. The index includes a weighted average of the absolute value of fixed rates in rubles and U.S. dollars on mortgage loans to buy apartments in the primary housing market in the construction phase (Prior to the registration of real estate), a growth of these values in absolute terms, the difference between the weighted average interest rates during construction (prior to the registration of property rights) and interest rates after the registration of property rights, market average loan options: the market value of the maximum rate loan / mortgage and loan term. "Kreditmart Index. New development "published by on a monthly basis, along with "Kreditmart Index.

Mortgage "and" Kreditmart Consumer "with November 2010 According to December 2010: The minimum average market interest rate during construction loans in rubles credit for the purchase of apartments in the primary housing market in December 2010 was 13.60%, maximum – 16.75%. Average market rate for mortgage products in rubles in December 2010 declined by 0.37 percentage points and amounted to 15.18% * (November 2010: 15.55% *). * (Pp hereafter in the text – percentage points) The minimum average market interest rate during construction loans in USD for a loan for the purchase of apartments in the primary housing market in December 2010 was 11.22%, maximum – 14.64%.